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Why do we focus on quail?
Quail population is the common denominator of wildlife health.

If quail habitat is good, it will also be good habitat for promoting the health of the soil, air, water and other wildlife species.
Bobwhite quail
      ​​​​​Bobwhite quail are the most popular and abundant quail found in Texas. Bobwhite quail prefer mixed brush and grassland habitat. Although they are found in a variety of habitats, bobwhite quail have been declining across their range for the past few decades. TPWD roadside surveys, the Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) and the Christmas Bird Count (CBC) all show similar downward trends. The BBS shows a decline in Texas bobwhite quail breeding numbers at a rate of 3.9% per year from 1970 to 2009. Texas bobwhite harvest has declined by 80% over the past three decades. Although this decline is not as steep as seen in southeastern states, it is still cause for concern. Potential threats to bobwhite include loss of habitat due to degradation of native grasslands and savanna, changes in agricultural practices, direct human development and the establishment of non-native grasses.

   Quoted from TPWD's Upland Game Bird Strategic Plan, A Five Year Roadmap (2011-2015)